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C# CSV Reader

C# CSV Reader is the fast, easy to use library for all your file reading needs. It is designed as a .NET library that you can add to your .NET solution and get parsing within minutes.

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A fully featured library that just works.

Files are still a popular way of exchanging data, and our library will allow you to read a variety of different formats in a breeze, saving you the time of developing and debugging from scratch. A robust, tried and tested technology you can rely on.


You don't need to have great technical experience to use our product.

Our sample code will get you up and running in minutes. Installation is also super easy, either download the dll, or install via Nuget.


It is easy to get started with C# CSV Reader library

Get parsing within minutes!

You don't need to have any advanced technical knowledge

C# Data Reader is a no fuss library that is quick to deliver results.

Simply drop in the library, reference it, and you are all set to go!

Choose some code from the samples, that is most similar to your use case, and tweak it to cater to your needs. Demo code is available in our documentation.


A bit more information about flat files

C# Data Reader supports a number of different formats that you may be using in your organization. In general, flat files contain a number of columns which are either seperated by a specified character or where each column is a set number of chars wide.

A CSV file, or Comma Delimited File, is where the comma is used to specify the end of each column. However, with the Delimited Reader, any delimiter you may choose is supported. With the fixed width file reader, simply specify the column widths before reading.

Easily affordable

Give it a try now! We have a trial version that does not expire. Available in the Downloads area.

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Don't spend time re-inventing the wheel when you can rely on something that works!

dev Getting started

Head over to our samples section for code to get you started.

support Get up and running fast

Parsing can be done in as little as one or two lines of code.

mail Delimited file reader/writer

For files seperated by commas, or anything other character you choose really.

locked Fixed with file reader/writer

A popular choice for some, where columns take up a set amount of width. For situations where readibility is more important.

globe Getting stuck?

Read our knowledge base or ask questions in the forums if you need help.

Go on, give it a try and make your life easier!