Data Migration Lab

Effortless Migration Software
for Microsoft .NET Platform Developers

Do you find working with legacy data formats to be a massive headache?

Our software is perfect for novice developers and experts alike.

Working with legacy data is a perpetual headache.

The mix of old and new technology is a perpetual burden to IT resources while they constantly integrate modern systems with legacy and silo platforms.

Migrating all of the data out to a modern system can be so time consuming and risky that 68% of Businesses never bother, and throw away their massive previous IT investments for no reason.

Also, the older the legacy system gets, the more expensive the time overhead becomes.


Get your IT Agility back.

Data Migration Lab provides a broad spectrum of C# and .Net developer tools to take the pain out of data migration.

It allows migration of data from many legacy formats, be they excel spreadsheets, legacy SQL databases, xml, json or even raw files and allows them to be effortlessly transferred into modern data formats and data repositories so that they can be seamlessly integrated with modern systems.

This can be achieved either in a one off transition or as a continuous workflow where data migration lab software acts as a middleman, continuously allowing legacy and modern systems to talk as if they were natively on the same platform.


Legacy in - Beautiful out ®

Choose from a variety of data formats

A vast array of data scenarios are supported

We support a whole list of data formats, and this list is continually growing. Adapters, written by the open source community, are also supported which allows easy extension of data formats which may be less common, or particular to your organisation.

Some of the formats we support are excel spreadsheets, legacy SQL databases, xml, json or even raw text files such as csv (comma severated values) or fixed width files.


Perpetual or single use migration

Our software allows for one off migrations where a legacy platform outputs are completely transformed to a modern format. It may also be used as a perpetual translation system acting as a middleman between old legacy and new systems.

Verifiable results you can trust

Traditional Data Migration is time consuming because of the number of bugs that inevitably ensue from amateur proprietary migration software.

Results are unit-testable and verifable to the extent that conversion errors can be automatically raised and sent to administrators. So if there are bugs at least you know exactly where they are.


Empower your existing team

It's not unsual for companies, out of frustration, to go to external consultants to help solve these problems, which can end up costing large sums of money to do the same process. Data Migration Labs allows in-house teams to leverage their existing skills to achieve the same results. This is a cost effective solution because you are empowering existing resources.

This also benefits your organization in keeping the full knowledge of the migration process in-house, so that you remain flexible and agile in future agile migrations.